Presentation – Zunzun Sailing Yacht & floating massage spa. Zunzun Sailing Yacht & floating massage therapy are the only floating massage spa and health & well being retreat in the Caribbe founded by St Thomas, Virgin Islands – based principles who have over the years been in the natural health and massage spa industry for more than five decades and one way or the other for more than forty years. The abundance of Zunzun Sailing Yacht Charter would guarantee you never find yourself, alone, again. This extraordinary getaway will take you to discover an alternative approach to discovering restorative healing. Experience a total body and artwork workout. Zunzun offers a variety of unique, relaxing therapies including Zunzun Sailing Yacht Charters and Zunzun Day Spa.

All-inclusive options are available at Zunzun Sailing Yacht and Therapy Beach. All-inclusive option simply means that all the treatments you would demand at the spa are included in your package, this is in addition to the many other complimentary extras that are available at Zunzun Sailing Yacht & Therapy Beach. The all-inclusive package includes the services of a Zunzun Sailing Yacht Charter, a variety of relaxing massages and treatments, and a variety of de-stressing and rejuvenating activities throughout the day. Additional complimentary extras include the all-inclusive use of Zunzun Professional Service and the All-Inclusive Scuba Diving Package. For those vacationing with children, complimentary babysitting services are available.

The Zunzun Yacht Charter offers two staterooms each with their own private salon on board. Each stateroom has a full service bathroom complete with a steam room, hand held showers, and luxurious amenities. Each guest is also offered the opportunity to indulge in a full body massage throughout their trip. The all inclusive packages include two fully charged Xmas parties, a dinner cruise on the stunning River Gorges, and a relaxing massage at the floating massage spa. The Zunzun Yacht Charter’s parties offer an opportunity for couples to enjoy the ultimate romantic getaway experience while at the same time getting away from it all and relaxing in luxury on Zunzun Sailing Yacht Charters.

The Zunzun floating massage spa is located on the second deck of the vessel and is outfitted with two different levels for individual massage. Each customer will receive ten minutes of therapeutic massage treatment at this level. On the all-inclusive day sailing trips, each stateroom is equipped with its own bathroom and steam room. The Zunzun Yacht Charter staff is available to cater to any customer’s needs twenty-four hours a day. The ship docks at a variety of ports throughout the Caribbean and sails on a regularly schedule. Many of the destinations are ideal for sight seeing during the day and night.

The floating massage spa offers a variety of treatments to pamper their guests. Many of these treatments focus on deep tissue massage that relieves muscle tension and improves circulation. Other treatments include foot scrubbing, foot soaking, and facial treatments such as aromatherapy. The Zunzun Yacht Charter has all of the necessary spa services needed to pamper their clients on their all-inclusive trips to the Virgin Islands.

The Zunzun Yacht Charter provides its guests with a great deal of luxury amenities to make their trip to the Caribbean even more enjoyable. On board the Zunzun Yacht Charter, the guests can enjoy comfortable seating, an on-board restaurant, a spa, a wet bar, and live entertainment. In addition, the yacht also offers a wide array of services such as a casino, an outdoor swimming pool, a game room, a pool bar, a restaurant, a deck, a lounge, and a guest suite.

One of the places the Zunzun Yacht Charters visits is St. Lucia Island. Here you will be able to see the Caribbean Ocean and the mountains that border it. St. Lucia Island is also a popular destination for Caribbean cruises. Here, you will be able to experience what it feels like to be off the coast of Florida while at the same time explore the many cultural sites found on this island. You can go scuba diving or snorkeling, and you can even take a relaxing tour of the island’s many historical sites.

This is one of the places where yacht charters go to a new level. It is a place where you get to experience almost everything there is to do on an island and still be able to relax and have a good time. When you are planning your vacation, you might want to consider going to this unique island just to experience it for yourself and to see what all the fuss is about.

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