10 Most Strange Museums in the World

Most Strange Museums in the World

You must have gone to amazing museums in the world like museums of Fine Art, Museums of Modern Art etc. According to popular belief, museums are institutions that preserve rare and academically conscious things. However, there are museums which have some weird collections of things. This blog will contain some strange museums in the world. And take an aspirin before proceeding to these weird yet one-of-a-kind museums. 

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Strange Museums in the World 

1. The Museum of Bad Art, Massachusetts City,  Philadelphia

The name of the museum might have given you the idea of what the collection is about in this one of the world’s weirdest museums, Philadelphia. Here around more than 500 horrid and downright bad canvases are hanged. There is a painting of Da Vinci’s parody of Mona Lisa along with a deformed sloth and a collie with space peeking out the mouth. It seems profound yet it’s hard to look at it for a long time. The idea behind the collection of such art is “too bad to be ignored”. So, now no one will laugh at someone’s bad painting skills, who knows that painting might just find its place in this world famous and weirdest museum. 

2. Gelato Museum, Italy 

Who doesn’t love Ice Cream! Obviously everyone does. That’s why this strange museum of Gelato in Italy is solely dedicated to provide you with every information related to Gelato. Those of you who don’t know the difference in Gelato and Ice cream, understand that, Gelato is more smooth, denser, and involves more milk than ice cream. Gelato  actually translates into Ice cream in Italy, but there are noticeable differences between them. 

Coming back to our Gelato Museum, after a quick history lesson on the origin of Gelato and the making process, the visitors are taken to the Gelato shop located right outside the museum. Stick around in the front line after exploring this strange museum and learn a few tricks about making Gelato. And then you can just whisk your own version of Gelato there too. 

3. Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Noodle, Japan 

The staple food of bachelors and college-students undoubtedly deserves its own museum. The museum was established by the founder of Instant Ramen Momofuku Ando himself. It was his tribute to inventing instant ramen and cup noodles. 

It would be unfair if there was no instant ramen kitchen inside the museum; however, that’s not the case. Visitors can cook their instant ramen in the available kitchen substitute with a bowl. Such a life saver gourmet snack for people who can’t cook for themselves. Interestingly, this museum should be amongst the strange museums around the world. 

4. International Cryptozoology Museum, United State

Ever heard the myth of Yeti, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster or even mermaids? Let’s blame our colourful and unrealistic imagination on cartoons and Disney. However, jokes apart, there is a strange museum in the US that can prove your imagination true. The International Cryptozoology Museum has corpses of creatures like Yeti and Bigfoot in the display. For Loren Coleman, belief is only limited to religious books. He is known as the world leading expert on creatures who may not even “exist”. However, his research and evidence are displayed in this museum, so now you know that these mythical creatures are not so mythical anymore. Undoubtedly this museum deserves to be one of the strange museums around the world. 

5. Sulabh International Toilet Museum, India

If you think that you have seen a weird collection of things then you are wrong. This museum in India has a full-fledged collection of toilets. Located in the country’s capital state Delhi, you can witness more than 100 types of toilets on display that date back to as old as the 1400s. The intent behind creating this museum is to insist on hinge improvements in the third world to recover the poor health conditions and also to create general hygiene awareness. Well, after knowing the intent, a toilet museum doesn’t sound so bad as before. 

6. Mini Bottle Gallery, Norway

Miniature things are quite in trend nowadays. That’s why this strange museum has a collection of miniature bottles of different size, shape and colours. Located in Oslo, Norway, there is a total collection of 53,000 miniature bottles. The collection has been accumulated from all over the world and includes limited edition ones as well. After witnessing this museum, now we know where the idea of miniature bags came from.  

7. Cockroach Hall of Fame Museum, Texas

You are warned! If you are afraid of cockroaches, this place is a funny nightmare for you. Established by a exterminator named Michae Bohdan who came forward with this bizarre idea of adoring dead cockroaches. During the 1980s, Bohdan organised a contest to discover the biggest cockroach. Later on the idea turned into a strange museum which now organises a fashion contest of cockroaches where you can spot cockroaches dressed in fancy dresses. As funny as it looks, it’s equally weird to see roaches dress up in unique costumes. 

8. The Museum Of Sex (New York, USA)

Apparently, talking and displaying sex is not so taboo anymore. This museum has taken the initiative to preserve the history, cultural significance and evolution of human sexuality. The museum also promotes sexual awareness among the visitors. You can also attend programs, exhibitions, publications that encourage public enlightenment. You can witness around 15,000 artefacts, photographs and costumes related to sex. Interestingly, the museum has a bouncy castle made up of a woman’s bosom. Undoubtedly, this is one of the strange museums in NYC. 

9. The Mutter Museum (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

America is known for its rich history and culture and you can pretty much visit any museum to learn the history of America. However, there is a museum in Philadelphia which preserves a different kind of history. The Mutter Museum of medical history has 19th century instruments and human specimens in its display. The perverse specimen includes a piece of Albert Einstein’s brain and a liver of conjoined twins. The intention behind the preservation is to exhibit the human specimens to the visitors who are interested in learning about weird medical instances in the history of America present in this world’s weirdest museum in philadelphia. Also, did you know Einstein has an IQ of around 160, so it’s natural to analyse the brain of the genius. 

10. The Bunny Museum, California

This museum is dedicated to the fluffy long ear bunnies. It features around 28,000 rabbit items. This quaint and beautiful museum exhibits ceramic bunnies, stuffed bunnies, and even cookie jar bunnies. The museum also holds the Guinness Record for having the maximum number of bunny items at one place. You can take a casual stroll in the museum and witness the variety of rabbits in different costumes too. Look out for Peter Rabbit and say hi to him. 

Bottom Line 

World is full of weird things. That’s why this list of strange museums is here to satisfy your weird curiosities. Take a look at the weird collections displayed in these museums and don’t miss out on a weird once-in-a-lifetime experience by exploring them. And always read the guidelines of the mentioned museums to check the permitted age.